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Beach and Field Commander


Complete Labrador Retriever

Life story about a complete Labrador Retriever that became the foundation for a wonderful 14 year journey that led to raising labs and training for waterfowl and upland game. Buck was a complete Lab touching the lives of every man woman and child that he touched. A class example of the human animal connect
Hunter companion and wonderful family dog that lived his life with loyalty and dignity.Buck sired of a great string of Labs that all earned a place in the hearts of the Barber family leaving profound memories behind. Never to be forgotten.


     ISBN# 978-1-329-52668-6

        (119)-6 x 9 pages 

      $19.95 + shipping and tax USD

Duck Hunting Lake Erie


Duck Huntng Lake Erie during the glory years when die hard duck hunters hunted with home decoys and pioneered duck hunting priviledges on Erie's Presque Isle Peninsula. 

   Barber born the son of a dedicated waterfowler recalls his early years of duck hunting with his Dad and brother at a time prior to insulated boots and fishnet underwear and very few duck hunter on the lake. He recalls the late 50's when interest in duck hunting created new problems relative to duck blind drawings almost closing down the Peninsula to waterfowl hunting and the origin of the North West Duck Hunters Association that saved the right to duck hunt on Presque Isle Peninsula remain active and in charge at this writing.


ISBN # 978-1-329-14205-3

              (45) 6 x 9 pages

       Paperback $ 14.95 +shipping & tax USD


Tales of a Pennsylvania Whitetail Hunter

True tales of Barber's experiences hunting whitetails in Pennsylvania from 1945-1992 as related to several generations of clothing,firearms, hunting techniques and values. How hunting regulations has transformed the Pa deer herd over the years. Deer camps and hunting methods with both gun and bow and arrow.

A good read for the dedicated whitetail enthusiast.

ISBN 9781329988644

(135- 6 x 9 pages)

$ 18.48 + shipping & tax USD

"A Matter of De-Fence"

Truth has no Competitor


In Defense of sport Hunting
Hunters answer your critics with hard core facts


llustrates how wildlife is funded via hunting and fishing equipment, hunting license revenues, Hunters and non hunters alike need to be aware of wildlife populations are being funded, hunters and fishermen answer your critics with documented facts and figures.
Anti and non hunters need to be made aware of the fact that without the sportsmen there would be little or no wildlife and or habitat.



(35) 6 x 9 Pages Paperback
$ 12.95 + shipping and tax 


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