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Nutrition Books

Pathways to Better Health

"Natural Botanicals" 

Revised 05/2018

 There is more to the human body than
 "Front and Rear Doors with a Dancehall in Between"

 A Comprehensive guide to better diet considerations by utilizing natural herbs, extracts,cereal grasses,seaweed and algaes.  
A  coffee table and or cook book addition for quick and easy reference to better dietary choices to nourish all bodily functions.

 A  quick reference book for both adults and youngsters to become more aware of good healthy eating habits by utilizing natural herbs and extracts as was intended when planet earth evolved.


                                       Table of Contents

Chaper One

  Metablolisn defined, amino acids and dietary proteins

Chapter Two

  Digestive enzymes, vitamins and natural earth elements

Chapter Three
  Carbohydrates, dietary fats and calories

Chapter Four

Chapter Five


Chapter Six

  Endocrine system

Chapter Seven 

  Herbs and Extracts

Chapter Eight

  Cereal grasses,seaweeds and algaes

Chapter Nine

  Tea's & Cooking Oils

Chapter 10

  Sweeteners (Natural & Artificial)
Chapter 11

  Glyceminc Index charts and gluten free diet information

Chapter 12 

  Healthy Body pH 




ID  12621575

( 221 ) 8-1/2 x 8-1/2 pages

 Paper Back $22.00 + shp & tax USD

          "Natures Bounty"


A Comprehensive guide to fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds, sprouts, juicing, genetically modified organisms. essential oils and more.


                           Table of Contents

Chapter One   Vegetables 41- 44

Chapter Two   Sprouts nutrition 45-50

Chapter Three  Juicing fruits and vegetables 44-50

Chapter Four  Fruits 51-80

Chapter Five  Fruit and vegetablej uices 81-105

Chapter Six  Frozen vs canned fruits and vegetables 106-111

Chapter Seven  Tree Nut nutrition 112-119

Chapter Eight  Seed nutrition 120-129

Chapter Nine   Essentisal oils 130-137

Chapter Ten  Genetically Modified Organisms138-147

Index 148-149

References 150-151








  ( 151 ) 8-1/2 x 11 page

Paper Back $19.95 + shipping & tax USD

Pick Your Way to Better Health

ISBN 9781365399800

(241) 61/2 x 9-1/2 inch 60-# pages easy to read 13 pt fonts 

$22.95 + shipping & tax USD

Comprehensive guide to fruits, nuts vegetables, seeds, essential oils and latest updates on genetically modified foods.

In our fast changing food supply this handy reference guide makes a nice aid in making good natural botanical choices for the famlly and quite often can circumvent use of chemical pharmaceuticals

Bottoms Up

Know what's in the Bottle

An infomative guide for most beverages 

Water tap_bottled_selzer_filtered_spring_salt_distilled_and sparkling.

Dairy drinks_non alcoholic drinks_ fruit drinks_soft drinks_ energy drinks_protein powders_vegetable  juice _teas_wine_beer_liquor_mixed drinks & champayne. Learn the hidden truths.

(237) 8.50 x 8.50 pages. 100 pound full color front and rear covers with

60 # black and white interior pages with easy to read 13-pt font.

$ 18.95 + ship and sales tax

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