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Book includes 4 different Unique and time tested Purple Martin Nesting House woodworking plans.

All plans include detailed reduced scale drawings and step by step cut and assembly instructions. 

All plans incorporate above average nesting cavity depths and are well ventilated offering weep holes for heavy rainfalls 

ISBN 9781-365-789-403

70 pages

$19.95 + tax and shipping USD

Martin Plan 201  Eight family design, a favorite,  features tapered sides,raised decorator moldings, 6 x 8 nesting cavities, individual divided porches, Alpine styled roof design and is easily disassembled by 8 thumb screw tee nut connectors

Martin House Plan 101 features 8 family nesting capacity

Straight wall design with individual porches and perch rails

offering excellent ventilation and 8 x 6 nest cavities to prevent predator entry. Gabled roof and like 201 offers easy disassembly for annual cleaning and maintenance.

Martin Nesting House 505 A design for the patient and perhaps

more seasoned woodcrafters. Design features five nesting cavities built on a vertical design. Nest cavities 6 x 8 inches with entries and indiviual porches and perch rails built into a sliding front door.

Plan offers a good deal of ornamental raised moldings and alpine 

style roof. Sidewall plants faciliate excellent nest ventilation and 

One thumb screw and tee nut releases the front door to slide down and off to easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Purple Martin Nesting Houses

Martin Nesting House Plan 401 a design that is both functonal and easy to build for most levels

Features 8 individual nesting cavities 6 x 8 inches

offering excellent ventilation with gambrel style roof design and easy disassembly using 8 thumb screws and T Nuts. Fun, Easy and works like a charm for Mariins

 Purple Martin Village


Eight individual (all different shapes), purple martin nesting houses much like the Atypical garden gourd racks commonly used in some areas. Wooden nesting houses offer better protection from elements and predators and much better ventilated and more pleasing to the eyes. Plans include reduced scale drawings and stet by step cut and assembly instructions for nesting houses and mounting  arms and materials list. 53 8-1/2 x 11 pages

ISBN 978-312-83157-5-90000

$19.95 + tax and shipping USD

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